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REITIUM is a smart contract real estate investment platform, leveraging its own asset-backed, digital token tethered to real estate. The REITIUM platform allows users to browse global real estate investment opportunities, and the REITIUM token allows users to legally buy and sell partial ownership from any device worldwide.



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“Our mission is to become the worldwide standard protocol and Security Token Platform for global real estate investing. Our Platform will help millions of people excluded from real estate investing by unlocking the trillions of dollars of sleeping capital. We are really excited about this.

Thomas ParkCEO

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Removing the barriers to real estate investing

We envision a world where everyone has a chance at creating wealth through real estate investing.

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Our Management Team

Thomas Park

CEO & Co-founder - Vancouver, Canada

Thomas Park's experience comes from the technology and real estate industry. Experienced, acclaimed, and dedicated, Thomas is one of Vancouver’s premier real estate agents and the owner of Remax City Realty Downtown. Over his 14-year career, Thomas has delighted in serving countless clients and helping to sell over 700 properties in his beloved home city.

Thomas created a strong internet presence with his real estate website,, from his vision of combining his successes in the two different fields.

Thomas has been awarded Century 21's Top achievement - Grand Centurion and continues to achieve success selling Real Estate in Vancouver year after year. Thomas has also been awarded MLS® Medallion award from the Real Estate Board or Greater Vancouver.

Michael Moll

CPO & Co-founder - Vancouver, Canada

A technology and community-obsessed visionary, Michael has launched 3 successful startups in the last decade.

He grew up in Kenya and came to Canada on a full scholarship to study Marketing & Business in Vancouver, Canada in 2008.

His expertise in marketing, business and technology led him on the path to co-creating Reitium, an asset-backed blockchain real estate investment marketplace.

At 28, Michael is just getting started on his journey to educating millennials and investors on the power of smart contracts and real estate investing.

Laura Fortey

CMO & Co-founder - Vancouver, Canada

A former journalist and writer in the real estate sector, Laura identifies as a digital marketing strategist, investor and visionary.

Coupled with her background as an internet marketer, since the early days of YouTube and Facebook, Laura displays a strong disposition in communications and stays on the forefront in the digital sector.

Her expertise in marketing, journalism and real estate investing led her on the path to co-creating Reitium, an asset-backed blockchain real estate investment marketplace.

Along with owning a successful digital marketing agency, Laura has been involved with the success of multiple businesses, most notably bringing 3 clients an increase of $1M+ in annual revenue through her digital marketing efforts.

Andrew Gillette


Andrew brings over a decade of technology experience with him to the Reitium team. He began his career as a pentester and transitioned into blockchain as the nascent technology was emerging.

In 2014, he joined the Ethereum Classic development team in Toronto, Canada.

Currently a blockchain architect at Accenture, Andrew has years of experience within developer roles at leading technology consultancies. Andrew’s work has relied heavily upon service level architecture and cryptography.

Developing and conducting security analysis of blockchain projects, Andrew is experienced with architecture and development of Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda based blockchain technologies. He is regarded as a lead developer in his field, with expert application specific experience in Banking, Supply-Chain, and Federal projects.

Andrew's last project was leading a team at Accenture are leading up project Jasper, the Bank of Canada’s first Blockchain project.

Leonardo Andriolli Danieli

Full Stack Developer

With more than 10 years of experience as a Software Analyst and Developer, Leonardo’s varied experience has allowed him to learn and utilize many of the world’s most in-demand programming languages including PHP, Javascript, C++.

Leonardo’s ability to adapt and become proficient in multiple languages, frameworks and technologies makes him an excellent addition to the Reitium team. With analytical mind and creative vision, his advanced knowledge of app architecture allows him to tackle complex projects.

From analysis and development of ERP, to participation in documentation, building architecture, development, and testing, Leonardo’s focus is to bring more reliability for the software.

Ronald Long III

Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Ronald started in tech by coding his first website at 13 years old. Due to his keen interest and thanks to his tenacity, he is completely self taught and by time he was able to enter into relevant classes, he was years ahead of the available curriculum.

As a young teen, he wrote guides for iOS jailbreaking, themeing, and 3rd party applications. In 2016 he launched a social network for anglers, teaching and learning new development standards just before becoming a blockchain developer.

Proficient in multiple languages, Ronald has worked with Javascript, Node.js, Node-RED, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, Mongo DB, Git, HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Linux, Nginx and Apache, to name a few.

Ronald’s programming fluency, attention to detail and self teaching ability make him a valuable addition to the Reitium Team.

With a growing following his current side project is writing content, teaching developers who work in blockchain.

Wanjiru Nganga

Digital Marketing Coordinator

With media experience that spans from her home country of Kenya, Wanjiru brings ideas and ingenuity in the areas of advertising, search engine marketing, lead generation and social media management to the Reitium team.

A digital marketing coordinator with a passion for social change, Wanjiru holds a degree in Marketing & Communications from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia and a diploma in Digital Marketing RED Academy in Vancouver.

Growing up living in range of countries in Africa and across North America, her global exposure fostered a desire for social impact, particularly in reducing existing disparities in developing countries. In Kenya, she was involved with a passion project, an app that facilitated annual reporting for farmers in the agricultural sector. This is where her love for technology grew. She came to Canada to pursue a degree in Marketing with a focus on helping technology companies grow and is hoping to stay.

Her current dedication is on Reitium’s social media and community development side, where she is helping grow Reitium’s following, engaging with thousands of investors, advisors and supporters.

David Kim

Head of Reitium Realty

David started off his real estate tech career in 2008 in real estate online marketing with Homegain, where he consulted brokers and agents on their lead generation campaigns. It was at HomeGain that he cultivated a deep knowledge on targeted search engine marketing, user experience optimization, lead conversion modules and client relationship management strategies. He transitioned from HomeGain to BoomTownROI and brought on over 600 mega agents and teams in the country to BoomTownROI and continues to consult them on the industry's best strategies with marketing tools that convert leads into sales. In the last 8 years, David has established hundreds of key relationships with the top franchises and independent brokerages across the US and now has created his own marketing consulting business where he consults and connects people to reach their goals.

Stefan Dupuis

Chief Data Officer

Stefan's Bio coming soon

Our Advisors

Thomas Tiedemann

Private Equity Advisor, New York, USA

Presently working at Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms, Thomas has been brought on board to assist us with creating positive economic impact and to help us understand the inner workings of larger institutions. Along with introducing us to his immense network, we see incredible value in having an expert in the American and global markets in our corner.

He’s placed a strong focus on building and setting up the REIT structure for his firm who currently hold $400+ billion assets under management and are one of the world’s largest Real Estate investors. As a licensed dealer-broker specialist, he is onboard to help us deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth.

Understanding how to navigate risk-adjusted concerns across a broad range, he is offering his expertise to help us expand to a wide range of asset classes through varying economic conditions.

Currently holding an advisory role with three other blockchain projects - an exchange management platform, a compliance engine and trading protocol, he has humbly taken on a role with us as the final project in his blockchain advisory bandwidth.

Luke Shim

Financing Advisor - Seoul, Korea

George Thio

Business Development, Singapore

With a passion for real estate investment, innovation, and using technology to enable financial inclusion, George embodies the Reitium mission. He has 25+ years of experience in engineering, financial services, and startup companies in Asia where his cross-asset industry experience in FICC and equities includes sales, trading, research, marketing, product management, and managing a US$5 billion emerging market equity portfolio for a leading UK investment firm.

George is based in Singapore as Head of Sales, APAC at Flowcast, a San Francisco based AI company which leverages its patented machine learning algorithms to create high-performing predictive models that reduce risk and unlock credit to businesses.

George received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Western Ontario. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Kris Constable

Cyber Security Advisor, Vancouver, Canada

A globally recognized privacy and security expert with over two decades of experience, Kris advises on digital security and responsible data practices, as well as executes projects with the International Criminal Court.

After working at the highest level in IT Security at Nortel from 1999-2005, in 2007, Kris began consulting as a technical advisor to the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), as well as to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC (OIPC).
Constable became one the first International Trainers for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) in 2011

Currently, Kris owns PrivaSecTech, a privacy law and data security consulting firm that has been ranked by the BC Innovation Council and Techvibes as one of the top 20 startups in Victoria, Canada. Kris is also the CEO of Decision Tree, a team-based decision service that prioritizes on privacy and security.

Mats Hakansson

European Business Development Advisor, Copenhagen, Denmark

With 25+ years of experience in various segments of the life sciences industry, Mats
brings unique international knowledge from senior management positions working
with large global brands.

Including Nicorette, Regaine and Enfamil, bringing innovative products to market is Mats’ speciality.

Earning an MBA from The University of Linköping Sweden and University of Washington, Mats also acquired a General Management Diploma from IMD Switzerland.

Bringing more than 2 decades of European and global business development, Mats’ worldwide experience make him an attractive asset to the Reitium team.


Rob Boyko

Institutional Market Advisor, Vancouver, Canada

Currently serving as CTO of a proprietary trading blockchain startup targeted at the global crypto-currency trading markets, Rob’s career in the tech space spans 25+ years.

He invented and led the commercialization of what became the Blackberry Enterprise Server, designing and commercializing various technological components to create the basis for what is known today the Car2go car sharing service, inventing and commercializing the first web-based searchable video clip site, building a global marketing platform for an international payments company, and work with local Vancouver startups, helping them launch or expand their enterprise application companies.

Rob has been actively involved in the property management and commercial real estate investment world since 2010, including previously being an equity partner in a boutique property management firm, through to managing a team of 29 licensed property managers servicing more than 16,000 condos spanning 750,000+ square feet of commercial real estate in British Columbia, for Canada's largest privately-owned property management company.

David Ham

Business Development - Seoul, Korea

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