The future of real estate investing is here.

Invest starting with just $100

Buy shares of real estate, earn rental income and appreciation and build wealth over time.

How It Works

Invest into real estate, share by share without any hidden fees.

Access Premium Properties

You can invest into select real estate investment opportunities used by the wealthy, traditionally found in hard-to-access alternatives but now possible through the REITIUM Crowdfunding Marketplace.

Purchase Shares

You can buy shares of each property inside the REITIUM Crowdfunding Marketplace. We aim to make owning real estate simple and as easy as buying shares of AMZN, TSLA, and the S&P 500.

Earn Income

Based on the amount you own, you’ll receive a portion of the property’s rental earnings (after expenses) and/or appreciation upon liquidation.

Say goodbye to high barriers to buying real estate. And hello to the future of affordable real estate investing.

Start with just $100 and get the financial rewards of real estate investing without the hassles of tenants and home ownership.

We Thought These Two Should Get to Know Each Other

And They Really Hit It Off

Real Estate

It’s tangible.

Provides cashflow.

Appreciation over time.

A proven investment asset that has out-performed the S&P 500 for the past 25 years.

Distributed Ledger Tech

It’s tamper-proof.

It allows many people to invest together, hands-off.

Our technology secures necessary compliance data, ensuring investor rights to ownership, dividends & appreciation.

Invest with peace of mind

Start with $100

Low barrier of entry to learn and grow wealth over time.

Sell with ease

Sell your shares on our private secondary exhange (after holding periods).

Secure with blockchain

Ensure your rights to ownership, dividends, and appreciation through our distributed ledger technology.

Join thousands of others investing in real estate that was once unimaginable.