Frequently Asked Questions

Company FAQ’s:

What is REITIUM Technologies?

REITIUM Technologies has developed a tech platform that facilitates capital raising, with a focus on the real estate sector. It achieves this through crowdfundinig and digitization through their SaaS technology. REITIUM Technologies Ltd. is not a registrant or exempt from registration requirements under Canadian securities laws.

What is intends to operate an exempt crowdfunding portal where everyone in Canada can invest in real estate assets. It will run on a tech platform developed by REITIUM Technologies Ltd.

Investor FAQ’s:

Who can invest through intends to be available to any Canadian resident in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario that has reached the age of majority. We do not require individuals to be accredited investors to participate. Individuals may be able to invest via self-directed retirement accounts or specified businesses.

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership allows investors to buy a small share in an investment property. To achieve this result, an incorporated company might acquire an investment property. The company might then sell its own shares to investors. Investors get a fractional share of the company, which enables them to participate in the property’s rental revenue or appreciation in value over time.


Are there fees to invest in

No, does not charge individual investors a fee to invest.

What is the minimum and maximum I can invest?

Our mission at is to make real estate investing simple and accessible to everyone. We intend to operate under the exempt crowdfunding rules. Our minimum amount required to make an investment is $100. The maximum investment is $2,500.

Will I have any day-to-day responsibilities for managing properties I invest in?

The management of the company that you invest in will handle the day-to-day. You’ll be able to learn about the management team for each deal by reading their offering materials.

If there’s rental income, how will I receive my share of the profits?

That depends on the particular deal. Some may pay out yearly, some quarterly. You may be asked to provide your banking information for direct deposit to that effect. Some will not generate rental revenue and instead rely on an increase in value over time. Please review a particular deal’s investment documents for more information.