Our mission is to make investing accessible to everyone by making it simple, sustainable, and secure

The 5 Pillars of REITIUM

We are committed gaining and maintaining your trust. We understand that in order to do so, we must make long-term contributions to our five pillars, since these are the inputs that produce a trusting outcome.

We Think With An Abundance Mindset

We strive to stay curious while maintaining an abundance mindset. We consider challenges to be opportunities to build a better future. We’re all on the same journey: to connect the world to a better financial future, while also cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We Build To Break Barriers

We harness our creativity and innovative thinking to offer products that break the barriers of financial inclusion for the underserved market. We understand the pain in this market because we are this market.

We Stay Connected To Stay Engaged

We pay constant attention to what our community has to say. We aren’t in office towers with ‘the suits,’ but rather out in the community with everyday people. We’re always engaging in conversation with our customers, seeking opinions and suggestions, and working to improve our offerings.

We Partner With Purpose

We partner with companies that practice and support financial inclusion, and give back to communities in need. Mutual dedication to supporting the next generation is the way to build a better future and create opportunities for all. And we’re here for it.

We Are Serious About Creating Opportunity

To develop and grow our team’s potential and our community’s passions, we must recognize that at the end of the day, we’re all just humans seeking happiness, joy, and connection. Opportunity creates hope. And is the fabric of everything we do at REITIUM. 

Meet Our Team

Thomas Park
CEO / Co-founder
Laura Fortey
Operations & Strategy / Co-founder
Clement Lau
Business Development 
Matt Bonds
Business Development
USA / Asia
Paul Kim
Business Development
South Korea / Canada
Leo Danieli
Head of
Suliman Mamman
Frontend Developer
Stephanie Millward
Executive Assistant
& QA
Kody Decker
Social Media &
Content Creator
 David Meltzer
Sports 1 Marketing
Laine Nevison
Managing Partner, Mavan Capital
Solme Kim
President & CPO,
Los Angeles
Chang Kim
Tapas Media
Los Angeles
Eric Nowoslawski
Growth Hacker,
Growth Engine X
James Huang
eXp Commercial
Mike Stephens
Securities Lawyer, Fasken
Jacky Chan
Kerry Lum
Private Equity Specialist