Real Estate For Everyone

REITIUM was created in the fall of 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. The three Co-Founders Thomas Park, Laura Fortey and Michael Moll had a global vision in mind from day one – to allow anyone the opportunity to grow their wealth through real estate investing.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has a chance to create wealth through real Estate Investing.

Our Mission

REITIUM is democratizing Real Estate investing by removing the barriers to entry for billions of people around the world.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Park
Laura Fortey
Michael Moll
Leonardo Danieli
Head of Engineering
Ronald Long
Blockchain Architect
Wanjiru Nganga
Marketing Coordinator
Thomas Tiedemann
VP Private Equity, Blackstone
Kerry Lum
Private Equity Specialist
Cynthia Aasen
Real Estate Syndicator
Kris Constable
Privacy Security Expert
Mike Stephens
Securities Lawyer

What Drives Us

Our values drive our shared vision for a more inclusive prosperous world


Innovation is core to our DNA as a company and as individuals. We harness the power of innovation everyday to deliver on our mission and achieve our vision for the future of Real Estate.


Trust is the foundation of greatness. As a platform for international Real Estate investments we take our responsibility seriously and we hold all our customers and partners to the same standard of integrity.


We believe inclusion and diversity makes for a better workplace and a better world. Our mission is deeply rooted in Financial Inclusion. Our team is proud to be building a platform that will positively impact millions.

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